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Business Office Forms and Procedures

BHS Visionary Teacher Program

Please note, there has been a change to this program:   Each in class section is equivalent to $100.


Reimbursement Process & Guidelines:

  • Fill out the reimbursement form and attach original receipts whose purpose must be clearly identified.
  • Give completed form to Suzette Hychte in the main office.
  • Submit receipts within 30 days of purchase.
  • Reimbursements will occur twice per month. Receipts turned in by the 1st of the month will be reimbursed by the 15th, and receipts turned in by the 15th of the month will be reimbursed by the 30th.

All purchases are the property of Burlingame High School.


VTP Reimbursement & Check Request Form


BHS Mission: Burlingame High School is dedicated to the preparation of academically and socially responsible students.

BHS Whole School Goals:

  • Prepare all students for college and career.
  • Prepare all students to be self-directed and persistent learners.
  • All students demonstrate civic and socially responsible behavior.

BHS School Tech Goals:

  • Students and teachers will have equitable access to evolving instructional technology to enhance student learning and achievement.
  • Teachers and administrators will become proficient in the use and instruction of technology literacy skills.
  • Teachers will integrate technology into the curriculum to enhance student learning.
  • Students will demonstrate the appropriate use of technology and information literacy skills.


BHS Professional Development Home Page

BHS PD Request Form

Once your Professional Development Request has been approved, please fill out the District Travel Authorization and Payment/Reimbursement Claim form.

This form is to be filled out both before and after traveling. 

Required fields are in red. 

The "Authorization Information" section needs to be signed manually for Accounting to accept it.

To get answers to frequently asked questions regarding travel reimbursements, click on the link "Travel FAQ's" below.

Travel FAQ's

Travel Reimbursement Form

Once the form is filled out with estimated expenses, please sign and forward to Suzette.

The original form will be returned to you with District pre-approval signatures.

Once travel is completed, fill in all actual reimbursement details, attach receipts (original and itemized) and forward to Suzette.

The second page of the form contains form additional instructions.

Purchasing & Reimbursements

** Let's Plan Ahead **


Please meet with your Department Chair or visit the Business Office (A-130) before making any purchases.  


Policy Reminders:

  • Purchase orders are used for all purchases. 
  • Purchases made without an authorized P.O. may be considered a donation or a personal obligation of the person making the purchase.
  • Reimbursements require prior approval from the D.C., Business Office & the Principal.
    • original and itemized receipts are required. It must indicate method of payment, amount, date & detail of what was purchased. It may not be the credit card slip.
    • all items are to be shipped to Burlingame High School and the packing slip submitted for reimbursement with the original itemized receipt.
  • Services are contracts and require Superintendent or Board Approval.
  • HR Clearance is required for all individuals working more than once at the school site with students; TB testing and fingerprinting.
  • Gift Cards are not approved for reimbursement  Gift Cards are considered cash and are reported to the IRS.


We now process Amazon, Costco & Safeway orders! Please see your D.C. or the Business Office to find out more!


Purchasing Policy


Engagement Contract


Textbook Order Form