Burlingame High School

Professional Development

PD Request process:

  1.  PD requests are considered for:
    • External professional development  or conference
    • PLC collaboration during school day
  2. For PD requests for more than 3 teachers, check the Professional Development Calendar on the district website for availability of date.  Dates stating “No More Subs” may not be requested. Also Monday and Fridays are not allowed.  See Principal if requesting special exception.
  3. Once a date has been selected, complete the BHS PD Request form.
  4. External PD requests will be approved by School Advisory Council which is held the second Wednesday of every month except in December. Please submit PD requests by Monday prior to the scheduled SAC meeting.
    • Internal PD requests will be reviewed by PD Team (PD Coordinator, Principal, Assistant Principals, and ITC) each Wednesday.
  5. Once approval has been received via email, submit Absence sheet for pre-approval to Administrative Assistant to the Principal and enter “school business” into AESOP. The administrative office will enter your request on District calendar. Please notify principal and Administrative Assistant if there is a change.
  6. Directions for external professional development/conferences are outlined on PD Request form.

PD resources...CLICK HERE