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Excellence Fund Donor List

Last year we hit $400,000!! Thank you to all the parents who contributed. Show us what we can do for 2017-2018 - Donate today!

First time in the history of BHS, we have hit $400,000!! Thank you to all the 
parents who contributed.


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…because an excellent education isn’t free



THANK YOU Excellence Fund donors!

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have received a total of $250K in Fiscal Year 2017-2018.  This valuable funding provides for student, teacher and parent programs that would otherwise not be possible.


Please consider donating, if you have not done so already.  All amounts are welcome!


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2017-18 Excellence Fund Donors from July 1, 2017 – Oct. 26, 2017



Prestige ($7,500 and above)

Dianne and Mark Bradley

Tim and Shailly Guleri

Andy Turner and Kim Gelman Turner


Partner ($4,000 - $7,499)

Michael and Gretchen Barber

Rick and Jill Fair

Juann Guo and Michael Luxton

Robert and Deborah Hirth

Sean and Stephanie Howley

Jen and Matt Idema

Hans and Aida Kedefors

Olive and Rory O'Driscoll

Corinne and Mark Pitre

Charlie and Deanna Verhoeven

Vladimir Weinstein and Tatjana Sarvan Weinstein


Principal ($1,500 - $3,999)


Tessa Ambus

Haitham and Linda Ballout

The Beressi Family

The Biddle/Fazio Family

Boyse Family

Lisa Raine Burrows

Henry Chan

Patrick Cheung

Noah and Lorraine Cohen

Donna & Eric Colson

Paul Cousineau and Christine Thorsteinson

Birgit and Frank Dommen

Lisa and Mike Edwards

Amy Feng

Dan and Mindy Friedeberg

Aaron  and Krista Giovara

Gary & Lynn Goodman

Aaron and Ida Gruber

Mark and Laura Gschwind

Stacey and Scott Hawley

Brian and Laura Huff

The Intrieri Family

Jim and Julie Janc

Jim and Darlene Jaworski

Phillip Kennedy & Lisa Winston

Kim and Jason Kletter

William Knowles and Deborah Martin

Amy and Brad Koch

Paola Lancellotti and Chester Rice

Denise Balestrieri-Laugesen

Song and Helen Lee

Henry and Maki Liao

Shawn and Erica Lyons

Karen and Fady Malik

Jon and Kelly McGovern

Robert and Amy McHugh

Mary Eaves and Quinn McKenna

Middlemass Family

The Moore Family

Alli and Sherrick Murdoff

Nachlis/Corbett Families

Karen Kearney and Bo Parker

Jain/Patkar Family

Kim and Ken Pitzer

Lori and Matt Potter

Jane Donahue and Drago Rajkovic

Rolnick / Himelstein  Family

Kimberly & Mark Rosales

Eve Saltman and Skip Roncal

Liz Schenk

Jenese and Paul Sieben

Nurbol and Angelika Sultan

Dan Sutherlin and Malinda Pauly

Penny Tam

Vitas and Julia Viskanta

Chuck and Nana Wallace

Brad and Julie Wilson

Hong Wu and Xiaowu Chen

Jeff Yoder

Wing Yuen and Teresa Chang


Patron (Up to $1,499)


Lorne Abramson and Elana Lieberman

Sarita and Silvio Aguilar

Larrin and Janet Andrews

The Atkinson Family

Greg and Sumy Augenstein

Rabih and Amal Ballout

Ron and Felicia Bellanti

Laura and Dan Berterretche

Bret and Sue Bottarini

Conrad and Hildur Carlen

Mynor Chacon

Lynette Chandra and Matthias Perczynski

Bob and Cindy Chase

Loretta and Stephen Chin

Michael Chrisman

Kerry Fitzpatrick and Charlie Cosovich

Bill and Sheila Creeks

Penny Crespo

Matt and Erica Damelio

Lea David

Di Cesare Family

Evelyn Dizadji

Brad and Beth Dominik

Robert Du

Paul and Bernadette Durazzo

The Edmondsons

Steve and Wendy Ehrlich

Greg and Cathy Everson

Maria Farber

Jeff and Karen Flood

Margaret Fotinos Morearty

Ron and Janet Frankel

Adriana Garcia

Peter and Linda Gardner

Yuri Goda

Brad and Colette Greene

Mike and Lory Guerra

Christina and Konrad Habelt

Diane and Greg Haupt

Neil and Maria-Elena Healy

Michael and June Hee

Abbie and Michael Higashi

Mr. Paul F Hohenschuh and Dr. Marjorie E Winkler

Joe and Rita Howard

Stephen and Ida Hsu

The Kall Family

Kimberly Karnes

Joelle and Neal Kaufman

Heather Kennedy

Sue Kim

Kevin and Daniella Kriner

Eric and Jennifer Lai

Troy and Carol Lambson

Land Family

Dermott and Kathleen Larkin

Christian and Jude Lawrence

Sophie and Alex Lee

Steven Lee and Alina Chen

Bin and Angela Lei

Lenny and Astor Li

Lisa and Mads Lillelund

Robert and Selina Lim

Jen and Tony Lin

Terris Linenbach and Pamela Yee

Gang Liu and Wei Meng

Martha and Will Loftis

Lopez Family

Pam and Paul Lorence

Todd and Vicky Lowdon

Ly's Family

Joann Mahaffey

Ken and Kerry Mahrer

Frank Mak and Kim Pak

Ron and Marci Martinucci

Daniel and Karen Masterson

Laura and Tom McClure

Blake and Sari McConnell

The McMaster Family

Milano Family

Greg and Byung Mitchell

Gary and Eva Monisteri

Anthony and Cheryl Mori

Anthony & Gail Mosse

Kieran and Finola Muldowney

Jennifer Friedman Nee

Yuchun Nie

Jennie and Ken Nielsen

Bob and Laura Palacio

Hae Soo Park and Sung Yea Park

The Pearson-Nelson Family

Lynne Pereira

Vince and Anita Powers

Renuka Pullat and Krishna Pillai

Don Rath and Steve Lewan

Leo and Monique Redmond

Richard Reeves and Shirley Yuen Reeves

Beth and Bruce Resnick

Michelle Ruocco

Darice Scarborough

Lauren and Eric Schlezinger

Tom and Clara Schmidt

Holly Rogers & Rich Schoustra

Suzanne Sengelmann

Linda and David Shaffer

Hunter and Lisa Smith

Patrick and Laura Somers

Ward Supplee and Diane Russell

Serena Ching

Dave & Kelly Tillman

Mimi Tran

Meg Snowden and Patrick Twohy

Kristen Ugrin

Varland Family

Brian and Judy Vina

Deborah Leon and Phil Wang

Bryan Wear

Kathy and Daniel Williams

B & A Woo

Teresa Woo

Wenchang Yan

Ron and Jene Young

Joanne Yun and Joachim Rudolph


Matching Corporate Contributors

Apple, BlackRock, Electronic Arts, Franklin Templeton Investments, Genentech, Google, Intuit, Kaiser, Morgan Stanley, Oracle, Pfizer, PG&E, ProLogis, Red Hat, Robert Half International, USAIG, VISA, Wells Fargo, Yahoo!


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