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PAWS Program - Community Service

Program Announcements:

Service Hours should be submitted online for each agency served. Click on the Service Hours Form and submit by November 30 (fall) and March 15 (spring).

Program Description - P.A.W.S. - People, Action, Work and Service 

The mission of the PAWS program is to improve the quality of education by providing youth service opportunities. PAWS Vision is that civic responsibility is a value for students to internalize through a program of community service learning that assists them in not only demonstrating civic responsibility, but also critically reflecting on their experience. It is our ultimate goal that 100% of our students will participate in this program.  

PAWS has made youth service an essential component of the educational program at BHS, increased community awareness of the educational value of youth service, and created a model of school-community collaboration that combines existing resources to promote youth service.

Community service hours are not required at BHS, but are encouraged for all students. Students who complete at least 50 hours of service during an academic year are recognized. Those students who complete 100 hours of service each academic year for a total of 400 hours are also recognized at senior awards night with a Golden PAWS certificate. 

 Jefferson Awards for Public Service 

BHS is proud to be one of 30 lead schools to be part of the Jefferson Awards for Public Service Program. BHS works with local media partners as an influential proponent of public service, as well as an avenue through which members of the BHS community are themselves recognized for public service and presented with the Jefferson Awards. The PAWs coordinator, along with the Associated Student Body (ASB) will facilitate the nomination and selection of recipients. As winners are selected, their names are forwarded to our contact at CBS 5 for regional and national consideration. Log on to www.jeffersonawards.org for more information.

P.A.W.S. Forms

PAWS Program

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Carrie Hermann with questions.
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