Burlingame High School

Parents' Group Position Descriptions

Burlingame High School Parents' Group
Position Descriptions

The BHS Parents' Group (comprising a Board and many committees) is a dynamic organization, which plays a very important role in the success of BHS students.  Each year it raises and distributes approximately $300K for BHS programs and enrichment. Did you know that BHS is ranked in the top 1% of U.S. public high schools according to Newsweek magazine? Do your part and get involved to help BHS students continue along their paths toward success. Please read below to find out about the specifics of each job.


  • The President guides the Executive Board to identify yearly goals. This person should possess strong communication skills since she/he will be dealing with many different constituencies. Organizational skills are also very important, as the President oversees numerous committees
    and events during the year. The President shall perform all duties in accordance with the Bylaws that may be prescribed by the Board. The duties are as follows:
    A. Clears calendar and requests meeting room (library) with Vice Principal's office, sets the agenda, and presides over all Parents' Group meetings.
    B. Shall be an ex-officio member of all committees of the Board except the Nominating Committee.
    C. Has the power to create and appoint special committees when necessary.
    D. Acts as the overseer of all committees.
    E. Represents BHS at the monthly Parent President's Council meetings at the district level.
    F. Works closely with the principal and faculty representatives.
    G. Is responsible for overseeing the budget.
    H. Communicates and answers questions pertaining to Parents' Group through Highlights, forums, emails and meetings.
    I. Reviews the final audit procedures and report, and ensures that the audit appears comprehensive and the results and findings appear reasonable.
    J. Ensures that organization is appropriately insured against liability.
    K. Oversees the following activities according to the timeline:
    • May/June: Attend Installation Meeting Meet with past president to transfer notebook. Meet with Principal to discuss objectives for Parents' Group. Fill Committee Chair positions. Coordinate material submission for the summer student information packet. Coordinate documents with new committee members
    • Summer: Create Board and Committee roster and distribute to everyone involved Board Meeting to kick off new year - make sure everyone has completed notebook exchange. Approve new budget for recommendation at first general meeting. Have VP Volunteers coordinate with the school administrative assistant (Barb Sutich) to help with summer mailing distribution. Have VP of Volunteers schedule volunteers to help with the student registration.
    • Monthly: - September through May BHS business agenda and general meetings. Write monthly Highlights article, or appoint Board Member to write timely article. Attend Parent President's Council Meetings monthly (district). Attend SAC meetings if President is one of the representatives School Board Meetings (when necessary). Meet with Principal monthly. Attend March inter-district transfer lottery meeting to initiate random selection.
    • September Back to School Night: - speech, information table. Freshman Parents Night--information table and speech. General Meeting: Approve budget forwarded from Exec Board and Auditor's Report of previous year's treasurer records.
    • December: Holiday Luncheon - committee chair job
    • February General Meeting: elect the last 2 of the 5 regular members of the Nominating Committee. Two alternate members of the Nominating Committee shall be elected
    • February: - March Taste of the Town Incoming student/parent meeting - information table, speech.
    • April General Meeting: Nominating Committee will present the Executive Officer slate for the ensuing fiscal year General membership will elect the first 3 of the 5 regular members of the Nominating Committee for ensuing fiscal year.
    • May Teacher Appreciation Breakfast - committee chair job Senior Awards scholarship presentations Spring Volunteer Event - committee chair job.
    • Events to Attend when they occur Funding Meetings - Attend the SAC meeting when they are reviewing funding requests and attend Parents' Group funding decision meeting (twice a year) Parent Forums-optional.
  • L. Visits the main office regularly throughout the school year to check the mail in the Incoming Parent bin; notifies appropriate chairs if there is mail for them.


Communications VP

  • The Vice-President of Communications will manage all communications programs between the school and parent community.
  • The Vice President of Communications:
    A. Is responsible for overseeing the volunteers who write and coordinate Highlights, (the monthly newsletter), the BHS Newsletters  and Alerts, the Buzz Book (address and telephone directory) and the website.
    B. Interfaces with PG president and BHS staff on communication issues and policies.
    C. Collects, compiles, composes and edits articles for electronic newsletters (BHS news alerts) to be sent, as needed (usually 1 per week). VP must get prior approval from the PG President before sending out each Newsletter.
    D. Encourages parents to subscribe to Newsletter and other parent communication tools like School Loop.
    E. Attends monthly Parents' Group Board Meetings and Executive Board Meetings.
    F. helps other Parents' Group Board Members identify news that should be publicized.
    G. Publicizes Parents' Group events to the community.
    H. Assists other parent groups (Toast of the Town, Boosters, etc.) affiliated with BHS in publicizing their activities and fundraisers.
    I. Is responsible for maintaining website content. (This is not a technical task. The website coordinator maintains the website itself, including posting any new information, but the VP of Communications determines, researches, and writes all content and ensures content is current.)
    J. Coordinates various others to deliver ongoing, routine communications like monthly Highlights, Parents' Group meeting minutes, Excellence donor list, etc. to the webmaster each month for posting to website.
    K. Answers webmail correspondence from parents and community members (roughly 3 times a week).

Toast VP

  • Event chair for early spring culinary fundraiser featuring local restaurants and beverage companies. Toast of the Town is the biggest BHS community event fundraiser of the year. Toast has traditionally been held on a Sunday afternoon in a ballroom at the local hotel. 
  • Event Chair(s) oversee the entire event. Responsibilities include:
  • A) finding committee chairs for committees listed below and supporting them throughout all planning stages of Toast:
    B) Auction item solicitation and execution (divided into wine, merchant and parentcommittees)
    C) Send out letters to local vintners, local merchants and parents
    D) Class donation packages
    EOrganize auction information for program and bid sheets
    F) Item packaging corporate/business sponsors, parent sponsors invitations and reservations (graphics, mailing and RSVPs) restaurant/vintner participation publicity
    G) Program writing/posters/flyers
    H) Program distribution to attendees: decorations/signage, registration, volunteer staffing, student talent, and supplies treasurer
    I) This fundraiser can be changed to another kind of event with Board approval. Event chairs should be in place in the Spring prior to the event year for planning venue and marketing materials.
    J) Event chair(s) are also involved with Fall and Spring Funding Projects in decision making regarding disbursement of funds to fulfill teacher requests.

VP Parent Education

The Vice President of Parent Education creates opportunities for parents to learn about issues that are pertinent to their student.  This is done through evening events that include discussion groups, screenings, and guest speakers. 

Responsibilities include:

  • A.    Organizing and managing three or four parent events at BHS.  (Examples include: New Family Event: “What I Wish I Had Known”, Screening of “500 Words or Less”, and inviting guest speakers.)
  • B.    Acting as liaison between BHS Parents’ Group and Parent Education chairs from other high schools in SMUHSD.  Assisting in the effort to coordinate district-wide ParenTeen Quest events, which are open to everyone in the high school communities.
  • C.     Publicizing all events (BHS and ParenTeen Quest) to the BHS community through flyers, NewsAlerts, and the BHS website.


  • The Treasurer has charge and custody of, and is responsible for, all Parents' Group funds for the current year (after the audit has been completed from the prior year.) This role has traditionally been divided into three roles, accounts payable, accounts receivable and funding/purchasing.
  • #1 Accounts Payable (Main Treasurer) is responsible for:
    A. Budgeting and Meetings:
    Propose budget for new school year.
    Review with president(s).
    Present to board for approval.
    Present financial reports at monthly meetings, compare with budget.
    B. Banking:
    Post deposits
    Track by category (Excellence, Membership, Taste, etc) based on information provided by AR Treasurer.
    C. Post debits based on information provided by F/P Treasurer.
    Manage bank accounts to maximize interest while providing FDIC insurance.
    Transfer signature cards to reflect authorized signers.
    Maintain Merchant Service account (credit card processor).
    D. Accounting:
    Maintain accurate records using QuickBooks.
    Reconcile bank statements monthly.
    Prepare (or have prepared) federal and state tax returns; submit by 11/15.
    Issue 1099-Misc by 1/31 and 1096-Transmittal by 2/28 for Taste cash prize winner(s).
    Prepare books for audit by 1/31 (mid-Year) and 7/30 (end of year).
    E. Meet with auditor to review any transactions.
    Certify the financial statements that need to be included in any required reports to the school or the district.
    Disburses funds as directed by the President or Executive Board, collecting proper forms and receipts. (Reimbursement Request Form)
    Work closely with Judi Preusse; pay invoices for authorized purchases.
    F. Taste of the Town business management (or work with Taste Treasurer) to:
    Attend Taste committee meetings. Pull together all funds before the event, summarize, deposit.
    Coordinate event cash, checks and credit card payments and accounting with Taste auction closing chair.
    Provide reports to event chair to summarize and budget for following year.
    TOTT treasurer prepares event budget and forwards a copy to AP Treasurer.
    TOTT treasurer prepares all cash/check deposits and hands over to AR Treasurer for actual depositing, and provides summary of transactions to AP Treasurer.
    TOTT treasurer processes all credit card transactions, proves summary to both AP & AR Treasurers.
    G. Routine business:
    Check parent group box frequently for invoices, correspondence.
    Pay bills for printing, student organizers, senior awards, etc.
    H. Initiate checks twice/year for teacher stipends (Sept and Jan)..
    Maintains copies of the liability insurance policies (whether provided by the SMUHSD or BHS) and makes sure they are up to date and filed.
    Renew liability insurance policy before expiration date.
  • #2 Accounts Receivable Treasurer:
    a) Deposit all funds and prepare monthly ledger. Forward to AP Treasurer.
    b) Follow-up on all "returned" checks and request payment.
    c) Receives, and give receipts for monies due and payable from any source.
    d) Process credit card donations.
    e) Provide files to auditor as requested for mid-year and end of year audit.
    f) Visits PG Incoming PG Mail bin in the main office occasionally to look for checks to deposit.
  • #3 Special Projects Funding/Purchasing Treasurer:
    a) Oversee the job of Funding Coordinator/Processor Chair, who has the following responsibilities:
    b) Set calendar, distribute forms and guidelines to staff, meet with staff to go over guidelines, set meeting times for SAC funding meeting discussion.
    c) Compile and summarize funding requests from teachers.
    d) Get materials to SAC participants and those Executive Board members involved, in advance.
    e) Schedule each department head to attend SAC funding meeting to make presentations of their requests.
    f) Attend funding meetings and document all decisions.
    g) Set up Parents' Group Funding Committee meeting where the final decisions will be made in a closed meeting; prepare documents and distribute in advance.
    h) Chair final Parents' Group funding decision meeting, ensure decisions are made, document and publish funding approvals.
    i) Manage the purchasing process for the items that Parents' Group has agreed to fund. Work with finance contact at the school and the district (Judi Preusse) to ensure that orders are processed, paid and delivered.
    j) Forward information on a monthly basis to AP Treasurer regarding purchases made from debit account.
    k) Periodically forward Fall/Spring Funding Summary reports to AP Treasurer. Provide files to auditor as requested for mid-year and end of year audit.


  • The Auditor helps ensure the accuracy of the Parents' Group financial records. A preliminary audit should be performed in January or February to review the financial records for the first half of the school year. The final audit is done during the summer after the books are closed and before the new school year begins (July or August).The auditor should have a strong financial background.
    A. Reviews the financial records of the Parents' Group following agreed upon procedures
    B. Issues a report summarizing the scope of the review, procedures followed and findings.
    C. Recommends any potential improvements in the financial process.
    D. Works closely with the treasurer.

Recording Secretary

  • The Secretary keeps a binder of minutes of all meetings, proceedings and actions of the Board and Parents' Group. The minutes of meetings shall include the time and place that the meeting was held; whether the meeting was a regular or special meeting , the names of persons present at Board and Committee meetings, the agenda, and an accurate account of what was said. The secretary should have excellent listening and writing skills, as well as an aptitude for communication and clarification on all matters pertaining to the accuracy of the minutes.
  • The Secretary:
    A. Is required to attend all Parents' Group meetings and to have a copy of the Bylaws.
    B. Shall keep a copy of all members' personal contact information.
    C. Shall provide a copy of the minutes to each Executive Board Member, webmaster and Principal' s assistant within one week of the Board meeting.
    D. Shall keep a copy of the the non-profit information in safe custody. (Tax ID #)
    E. Shall keep copies of documents related to Board business and decisions.
    F. Will attend to all necessary correspondence from the Board and its Members.
    G. Files all correspondence, external and internal, for future reference.

VP Roles, Responsibilities/Parliamentarian

  • Vice President Roles and Responsibilities will be responsible for making sure that roles and responsibilities for all key Parents' Group positions are well documented and kept up-to-date annually on the Parents' Group web site and on a back up disc that will be kept with the current Parents' Group President.
  • The Vice-President for Roles and Responsibilities:
    A. Will update job descriptions for all roles on a yearly basis.
    B. Will document Parents' Group responsibilities for key events such as the summer mailing, student registration, Back to School night, Highlights and email alerts.
  • C. Is responsible for interviewing Board and Committee Chairs each year to ensure the correct information or changes are voted upon.
  • D. Serves as a critical link between incoming and outgoing board and committee members and ensures that all members of the organization are able to meet their obligations.

As Parliamentarian the VP gives advice in parliamentary procedure when needed.

The Parliamentarian:
A. is required to attend all monthly Parents' Group meetings.
B. gives instruction in procedure to the Board when needed.
C. keeps file copies of the Bylaws and is responsible for communicating any recommended changes to the President for consideration.
D. calls the first meeting of the five person Nominating Committee and either chairs the committee or appoints the chairperson. (see Bylaws Section 10.03.)
E. manages the nominating committee process until a final slate of new board members are voted on in April.
F. presents the incoming President with a copy of the Bylaws

VP Volunteers

  • The Vice President of Volunteers  is responsible for working with the Parents' Group Executive
    Board and the school staff to assess the volunteer roles that need to be filled to help the Parents'
    Group and the school meet their goals.
  • The Vice-President of Volunteers:
    A. Will track the names of volunteers and provide a means to thank them for their work in a monthly Highlights column. (i.e. a personal phone call, an email, a thank-you in Highlights, or a short note.
    B. Will recruit and coordinate volunteers to help the school administration staff the summer registration process.
    C. Will recruit and coordinate volunteers for coat check and/or student check-in for the Welcome Dance, Winter Semi-formal, Junior-Senior Prom and Spring Dance.
    D. Will help fill volunteer needs throughout the year relying on the Class Representatives and the organization' s communication vehicles for help.
    E. Will meet at the beginning of the year with each of the Parent class reps to set expectations and define their role for the coming year.
    F. Will recruit and coordinate volunteer with the Librarian in order to help staff library needs throughout the school year.
    G. will recruit and coordinate volunteers for the Career Center field trips throughout the school year.

Booster/Other Groups' Reps

  • Reps:
    • Athletic Booster Rep
    • Music Booster Rep
    • Spirit Boosters Rep
    • Drama Boosters Rep
    • Latino Parents' Group Rep
  • Report to the Parents' Group on class-specific issues, communicates to same-class parents about issues that affect them.

Buzz Book

  • Date: Fall (form is in Summer mailing)
  • The BHS student directory. A handy list of student and parent contact information.
  • Coordinates and collates student contact information for yearly directory. This is a project that is completed by October of the school year.
  • This person:
    A. Is responsible for updating and including the information authorization form in the summer mailing (the form is submitted in May).
    B. Updates staff and district contact information.
    C. Inputs information into a program that facilitates printing.
    D. Coordinates printing with District Office.
    E. Is responsible for distribution within BHS to each student.
    F. Updates contact information on new students in Highlights.

Career Center Liaison

  • Reports to the Parents' Group on Career Center programs and student opportunities.
  • The Career Center , E.X.P.L.O.R.E and PAWS programs are funded by the Parents' Group. The Career Center offers college and scholarship resources. E.X.P.L.O.R.E, Exploring Pathways Learning Opportunities Real Experiences provides students with job shadowing and real life experience in the work place. PAWS, People Action Work Service, provide students with a wide array of volunteer choices and experience to expand and deepen their quality of education. The liaison will help promote and support the activities of the center through communication efforts.
  • The Career Center, E.X.P.L.O.R.E, PAWS Liaison:
    a.) meet with the Career Center, E.X.P.L.O.R.E, PAWS advisors to review the calendar of events.
    b.) use all communication avenues to promote these programs to the parent community including but not limited to Highlights articles, email alerts,electronic bulletin board, and Parents' Group website.
    c.) attend Parents' Group meeting to inform the group of current activities.
    d.) speak at Freshman Night and other appropriate parent functions.
    e.) observe and participate in various guest series presentations and EXPLORE field trips throughout the school year.

Class Level Representatives 

  • Each class (freshman, sophomore, etc.) may appoint a "representative" to attend PG meetings, facilitate informal communication between the class parents and the parent group.
  • Help the PG Volunteer Recruiting Team with making sure we are reaching all parents interested in assisting at school, organizing community related activities for their grade (such as a Freshman Parents' dinner on the Ave after a sport event).
  • Help answer questions about the school and develop any other ideas that they think will increase their grade level parent participation and community involvement at BHS.  

Database Management

  • The person to contact about signing up for NewsAlerts. NewsAlerts are emails from the BHS Parents' Group giving you late-breaking news, reminders, and the link each month for the BHS Parents' Group Highlights newsletter.
  • This chair is responsible for managing the relationship with the email hosting company that the organization uses to send out the BHS News Alerts and for updating the email subscription list. This position works with the VP of Communications. Each year parents are asked to subscribe to the email service and their current email needs to be added to the address list of the email hosting service.
  • The Database Manager:
    a) collects for the Membership Chair the forms from the parents with the email addresses, which start arriving at the end of August. It is important that they be inputted as soon as possible. The goal is to have most of the new emails added a week before Back to School Night.
    b) notifies the VP of Communications when the address list is updated so News Alerts can be sent in time to remind parents about " Back to School Night"
    c) continues to update the email address list throughout the year.
    d) is responsible for trouble shooting any technical problems with the hosting company.
    f works with the treasurer to arrange for hosting company to be paid for following year.


  • A no-cost-to-you way to donate to our school; member retail businesses donate a portion of your purchases to BHS. Sign up at www.escrip.com
  • The coordinator educates and coordinates the parent population on the financial benefits of joining the E-Scrip program. This includes marketing the program, updating information on participating stores and keeping detailed records on funds received.
    The E-Scrip Coordinator-
    a) reviews parent participation at the beginning of each school year.
    b) contacts Freshman parents to transfer accounts to BHS from middle schools.
    c) updates form in the summer mailing.
    d) is available to answer questions at school functions such as Back to School Night.
    e) maintains monthly accountings of receivables, correspondence and current info.
    f) places ad in Highlights to market program with updated information on money earned for the school, as well as contact and sign up information

Freshman Shadow

  • The Freshman Shadow Chair assists the Vice-Principal of Instruction in arranging a schedule for 8th grade students who are potentially interested in attending BHS. Shadowing takes place two times during the school year: once in October and the other in February (during 4 days each).
  • The responsibilities are as follows:
    a) Meet with the Vice-Principal of Instruction in August/September to discuss shadow dates.
    b) Take phone messages from the school' s voice mail system, call back families, arrange appointments and create a schedule for the VP.
    c) Make a reminder phone call to each family a few days before. Shadowing is for 8th grade students only. They must live within the SMUHSD attendance boundary (San Bruno, Millbrae, Burlingame, Hillsborough, San Mateo, Foster City). They can be from public or private schools. There are a maximum of 25 students allowed per day. When the students arrive (9:45 am at the front steps), the VP greets them and matches them up with their 9th grade partner. During the day, the students will also attend one honors class and meet with Leadership students.

Graduation (Senior Events Coordinator)

  • Key to the success of the upcoming graduation, the new Senior Events Coordinator shall reserve buses in the spring the year before the event. The coordinator also assists in the recruitment of committee chairs in the spring of the year prior to the event so the Grad Night chair can book a venue. The Grad Night Chair needs to begin their duties on June 1 of the year prior to graduation.
    This role oversees and has ultimate authority over all the senior activities that happen during the end of school for graduating seniors, including coordinating the funding for all these events. There are three distinct roles and each should be assigned to a member of the committee.

Senior Day Outing

  • Senior Day Outing is an all-day activity for graduating seniors, held on a day near the end of the school year. A parent committee and chair, administrators, the senior class cabinet and the leadership class each own elements of the day. It includes breakfast, t-shirts, outdoor activities, lunch, a senior slide show and signing of a cement walkway on campus. The senior class cabinet and the administration set the budget. (Not funded by Parents' Group.) The senior class cabinet sets the theme.
  • Parent responsibilities include:
    a.) ordering t-shirts
    b.) breakfast
    c.) plan outdoor activities between breakfast and lunch
    d.) lunch (BBQ, grilled and served by parents)
    e.) decorations, soliciting parent volunteers through a mailing

Graduation Ceremony

  • Coordinates with Administration (Vice Principal-Administrative Services) graduation ceremony. Includes arrangement of sound equipment, stage, etc. (Optional Reception) The reception happens immediately after the graduation ceremony and is open to everyone attending the event. Parents' Group does not fund the costs of this event. The cost should be factored into the graduation money collected for all the senior events. The reception is usually simple: drinks, snacks and dessert and takes place outside. The committee must receive permission in advance before soliciting food or drink donations from businesses to ensure that we do not conflict with the Taste event requests.

Grad Night

  • This event is planned by the Senior Parents for the graduating class. Parents' Group does not fund the costs of this event. Costs should be factored into the graduation money collected for all senior events. The event takes place the evening of the graduation ceremony. The graduates are transported to a secret venue (the location is known only by the Chair) for the evening and they celebrate until early morning. The chairperson carefully plans a safe, fun, event for the graduating class.
  • The Chairperson:
    a) checks graduation date and time with the District Office and Vice Principal.
    b) books the venue as early as the summer before senior year.
    c) schedules a meeting for all senior parents and establishes committees for event
    d) collects funds and maintains records, including liability forms.
    e) schedules transportation for event.
    f) is responsible for promoting event through posters, Highlights, mailings and flyers.

Senior DVD position

The Senior DVD position entails:

  • Advertising the DVD for sale (along with the ticket sales for the senior events)
  •  Tracking sales forms, collecting/depositing checks, managing the excel spreadsheet with addresses etc.
  •  Contracting with and managing the vendors: Nick Peros is the videographer  and there is a post production/fulfillment company who copies and mails the DVDS
  •  Working with the chairs of senior events: these chairs decide if they want any videotaping done of their events; they also provide photos for Nick to create photo montages as part of the DVD.  (Nick also works with Mr. Mills to put the senior slide show on the DVD).
  • Working with Nick over the summer to review and finalize DVD contents; working with fulfillment vendor as well.  DVDs are generally mailed by fulfillment vendor in September if all has gone well.


Highlights Monthly Newsletter

  • Deadline: 15th of each month (Sept. - May, combined Dec/Jan issue)
  • Our monthly newsletter put out by BHS parents for BHS parents. Distributed electronically via NewsAlerts (to sign up for NewsAlerts email us at bhs_parents@smuhsd.org). We welcome your submissions.
  • Highlights is the monthly newsletter sent electronically to all BHS families during the school year. A limited number of newsletters are also available in the school office. The newsletter provides messages from the principal, PG president, a monthly calendar of events, articles, sports schedules, programming, test dates, school happenings, Career Center information, PAWS, Explore, Excellence Fund donors, parent education events, volunteer opportunities and booster groups' information. It would be advantageous to have knowledge of desktop publishing for this position, specifically Microsoft Publisher, inDesign and Adobe Acrobat for this position.
  • The Editor:
    a) is responsible for introducing Highlights at the beginning of the year by providing
    information in the first newsletter on the procedure for submissions.
    b) sets deadline for submissions.
    c) reminds submitters on a monthly basis.
    d) reviews articles and content.
    e) creates newsletter and layout.
    f) sends completed newsletter to the organization' s webmaster for posting.
    g) notifies NewsAlerts Editor to inform parent community of newsletter link.
    h) arranges for printing and delivers newsletter to the Highlights Mailing Coordinator.

Holiday Luncheon

  • Each year the Parents' Group invites the BHS faculty and staff to a Holiday Luncheon at the Peninsula Tennis Club behind the high school. This always takes place on a Friday, 1-2 weeks prior to the holiday break. Generally, this is a co-chair position since there are many different committees reporting to the chairs. The chairpersons of this committee need to be organized, good at delegating responsibility and comfortable with event planning. The chairpersons must find a PTC member to act as a liaison to coordinate with PTC prior to the event and to be a helper the day of the event.
  • The Chairperson for the Holiday Luncheon:
  • a) chooses the menu.
    b) appoints chair people for each committee, main dish, salad, drinks, dessert, etc.
    c) provides each chair with list of volunteers.
    d) provides recipes and instructions for delivery to the chairs of each food committee.
    e) chooses decorations and favors (coordinated with PTC liaison if sharing costs).
    f) coordinates event with Tennis Club.
    g) coordinates entertainment with the BHS Band and/or choir.
    h) sends out invites to faculty and staff.
    i) recruits parent volunteers for set-up, serving, and clean-up.

Information Technology

  • Our go-to guy for IT issues. Works closely with BHS' technology department.
  • At the beginning of the year, meet with BHS' IT staff coordinator and the Principal to determine the needs for the school year and become familiar with the inventory. Determine if a committee is needed and how it can help achieve the technology goals of the school. At minimum the chair is required to:
    A. Ensure that Parents' Group funds are being spent in a prudent fashion on technology needs. A large percentage of funds are spent each year on technology and it is important that the funding is used wisely.
    B. Attend all SAC funding meeting discussions and ask probing questions about the technology requests and work with the IT staff coordinator to determine if there are other more economical ways to meet the need.
    C. Request that district matching funds be provided on large items that the district should be funding. Each year this position can be modified to fit the skill type and level of the volunteers involved. Here are some suggestions of projects that the chair might consider taking on:
    • Creating and monitoring the technology five year plan.
      Providing hands-on technical support by fixing broken equipment.
      Organizing a tech support day for teachers or staff who need help.
      Supporting the computer club and getting them involved in learning new skills and helping out the school at the same time.
      Helping in the computer lab.
      Supporting the development of new computer related courses.

News Alert In-Between Newsletter

  • Contact info: bhs_parents@smuhsd.org 
  • Deadline: ongoing (sent as needed but usually 1 per week)
  • Emails from the BHS Parents' Group giving you late-breaking news of developments that occur in between monthly Highlights newsletters, reminding you of upcoming events and school happenings, and delivering the monthly Highlights newsletter by web link to you. Submit an article at bhs_parents@smuhsd.org.

Parent Group Membership

  • Date: Fall (form is in Summer mailing) and ongoing
  • The BHS Parents' Group is a dynamic organization, raising and distributing $300K - $350K for BHS programs and enrichment each year. Did you know that BHS is ranked in the top 1% of public high schools according to Newsweek magazine? Get involved and help BHS students continue along their paths toward success. Please join the BHS Parents' Group if you haven' t done so already. Dues are $__ per family.
  • This is a data base management and distribution job. The membership manager collects the
    membership and volunteer forms from the summer mailing.
    a.) creates an Excel file that lists members, payments and volunteer sign ups.
    b.) collects the membership dues, keeps records on receivables and transfers funds to
    Treasurer for deposit.
    c.) provides the sorted volunteer information to the committee chairs and to the VP of
    volunteers. Continues to update the information and follow the process throughout the year.

School Advisory Committee (SAC)

  • Dates: from Fall to Springl - locates BHSPG funds twice a year to support classroom curriculum, student enrichment, and other programs that benefit BHS students. Thanks to our generous parent community, BHS students benefit from many programs state funding does not cover. These are important meetings and all parents are invited to attend.
  • The School Advisory Committee is an advisory body made up of parents, teachers, staff, students and community members and their role is to advise the school on policy matters. SAC is also responsible for reviewing the special projects funding requests from the teachers and staff and making recommendations to Parents' Group on what should be funded. There are two meetings each year when SAC hears the presentations from the department chairs for funding. Parents' Group is required to appoint two members to the SAC, one of which should be an active board member. The other representative should be a Parents' Group member. There are also parent representatives on SAC from Drama, Music, and Athletic Boosters.
    The SAC Representatives will:
    a.) attend and participate in the monthly scheduled meetings of the SAC.
    b.) report on the SAC meeting at the monthly Parents' Group meeting, as needed.
    c.) participate in the two extended SAC meetings where department chairs present their
    funding proposals.

Spring Volunteer Thank You Event

  • Date: Spring 2010
  • This event is for those who have served and those who are newly elected to the Parents' Group Board. The event is intended to thank everyone who has played a leadership role during the year, usually the guest list includes board members and committee chairs. The chair of this event is responsible for setting the date and planning the venue. Past years have included luncheons at local restaurants and parties at local homes.
  • The Chair:
    a) sets date, location and venue.
    b) coordinates food, drink, decorations, gifts for outgoing President and teachers.
    c) sends invites.
    d) acts as host/hostess for the event.

Star Testing Treats

  • Is responsible for coordinating volunteers who have signed up to provide or help distribute treats
    for the week of STAR testing.
    a) contacts Membership Chair for list of volunteers who have already signed up.
    b) coordinates with the Vice Principal on when and where to distribute.
    c) solicits approved nutritional snacks from local stores and parents.
    d.) sets up delivery with the office and coordinates volunteer distribution during testing days.

Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

  • Each year the Parents' Group sponsors a special breakfast to show thei4r appreciation to the BHS faculty and staff. The breakfast is held in the spring (May), sometime during the last few weeks of the school year. It usually takes place at the Burlingame Recreation Center on A Wednesday morning. Generally, this is a co-chair position since there are many different committees reporting to the chairs. The chairperson of this committee needs to be organized, good at delegating responsibility and comfortable with event planning.
  • The Chairperson:
    a) confirms the date space in the Vice Principal' s office at the beginning of the school year.
    b coordinates event with the Recreation Center, if it is to be held there.
    c) picks a theme, chooses the decorations, and menu. appoints chair people for each committee: entrée, breads, fruits, juices, coffee, etc.
    d) provides recipes to volunteers as needed
    e) recruits volunteers and sets up committees for decorations, food, servers, invitations, gift wrapping, clean up, etc.
    g) solicits donations and/or raffle prizes, purchases more gifts, if necessary, so that all staff members will receive a gift (approx. 110) and coordinates raffle process.
    h) decides what gifts to give the retiring staff members and then purchases them if necessary.
    h) wraps all raffle prizes and gifts.
    i) acts as host for the event.


  • The webmaster for the organization is responsible for keeping the website current and should actively solicit information throughout the year to keep the website a source of timely, up-to-date information for parents.
  • The Parents' Group Website Coordinator:
    a.) at the beginning of each academic year, the webmaster will update the roster  of board members and committee chairs.
    b.) no private information of board members or committee chair should be listed without their consent.
    c.) contact committee chairs and request that information be sent to the webmaster in timely manner for posting, including monthly minutes of Parent Group Meetings,
    Highlights newsletter, email New Alerts, notices for Parent Forums and volunteer needs.
    d.) keep link to the BHS website and coordinate with BHS webmaster as needed.

Visionary Teacher Program

  • The Visionary Teacher’s Program provides additional classroom support and training for 21st century learning and common core implementation
  • The Visionary Teacher Program was developed by the Parents’ Group to allow funds to be allocated to the BHS Departments for incidental items less than $200. Department requests are sent to the VTP Chair, who compiles them for approval by the Principal. All wish list items are purchased by the Wish List Chair and dispersed to the Department Chairs. Cash is never given to the Department Chairs or Teachers, or reimbursed to Department Chairs.  Supplies are normally sent to the BHS Office for holding until the Wish List Chair can divide bulk items, confirm orders are correct, and tag items to disperse to Department Chairs.
  • Wish List program explanation
    Departmental Wish List request
    Wish List Donation Form
    Wish List donor acknowledgements when appropriate.
  • Acknowledgements are made by the family name, not by donation amount. Wish List chair checks the Parents' Group "Inbox" in the office weekly for donations. Cash donations are deposited into the BHS parents' Group treasury. Wish List item donations are brought to the office. When cash or a check is donated, the amount, donor and department is recorded on the Wish List Funding Form. The Wish List Chair requests reimbursement per all designated 'treasury policy' procedures. All items are purchased by the Wish List chairperson. Cash is never given to the department chairs or teachers or reimbursed to the department chairs. Purchases are normally sent to the Wish List Chair' s home to facilitate the process of dividing bulk purchased and disbursing to individual departments. Frequently, wish list items overlap, Kleenex, white board markers, e-hole punch, etc. Items are put into a bag with a Parents' Group letterhead addressed to the attention to the department chair. The bags are then given to Barb Sutich who calls the department chair to pick up items in the office.
  • Miscellaneous information: A use tax log is kept for items shipped outside of California. These companies do not charge sales tax and we are ultimately responsible for this tax. The use tax log is given to the treasurer at the end of the school year.

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