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ATHLETICS PACKETS 2016-2017 (including Summer 2016)

All Athletic Packets from this school year will be expiring on the last day of school. However, starting 5.2.16, parents/guardians must now complete Athletic Packets online by going to  https://sportsnethost.com/burlingame/index.php?page=sign-in (link can also be found by clicking on "Student Health" on BHS's homepage). First time users will need to set-up an account. Returning users should enter their previously selected username & password to log-in. After the packet is completed & submitted, a confirmation email should be received. 

Physicals that have not yet expired (were completed within the last year) and are on file in the BHS Health Office, can be used until they expire and do not need to be resubmitted. Physicals must be completed ​by an MD, DO, PA or NP &​ must be fully completed in order for their clearance to be renewed. You may log back in at anytime during the year to upload a new physical or complete the Adult/Student Driver portion.

Any questions about medical clearance, please see Ms. Herold in the Health Office. Any other questions about sports, please see Coach Phil in the Boys PE locker room.

BHS Fall 2015 Sports Recognition

PAL League winners

Varsity Football (tied)

Junior Varsity Football (tied)

JV Girls Water Polo (tied)


Advanced to CCS

Cross Country - Girls


Tennis - Girls


Water Polo – Girls *

  (* Qualified, but didn’t play)



Additional mentions on individual sports page as well...

Winter 2016 End of Season Feedback Form

BHS Sports Teams for 2015-16

The following athletic teams will be offered this year:


  • Cross Country (Boys/Girls) - V/JV
  • Football (Boys) - V/JV/Frosh
  • Golf (Girls) - V
  • Spirit Squad (Boys/Girls) - V/JV
  • Tennis (Girls) - V
  • Volleyball (Girls) - V/JV/Frosh
  • Water Polo (Boys/Girls) - V/JV


  • Basketball (Boys/Girls) - V/JV/Frosh
  • Soccer (Boys/Girls) - V/JV
  • Soccer (Boys/Girls) - Frosh (limited schedule arranged)
  • Spirit Squad (Boys/Girls) - V/JV
  • Wrestling (Boys/Girls) - V/JV


  • Badminton (Boys/Girls) - V
  • Baseball (Boys) - V/JV
  • Golf (Boys) - V
  • Lacrosse (Boys/Girls) - V/JV
  • Softball (Girls) - V/JV
  • Swimming (Boys/Girls) - V/JV
  • Tennis (Boys) - V
  • Track (Boys/Girls) - V/JV

A note about Freshman Teams:  We will consider opening and collapsing freshman teams when it is apparent that there is a large freshman interest in that sport.  We will also consider collapsing programs that do not have enough students to make the experience safe for all students (i.e. we cannot field a basketball team with only six players).  

This year, we have added freshman soccer teams for both boys and girls, based upon the interest level and the number of freshman students who do not make the Varsity or JV rosters.  We are not adding any additional teams this year due to financial and game restraints**.  In the event that there is a large interest in another sport for a freshman team, we will consider the addition of that team to the 2016-17 athletic offerings.

**With the updated agreement between the SMUHSD and the Burlingame Parks & Recreation Department made in December 2015, there is now the possibility of BHS hosting a freshman baseball team.  This new agreement removed the requirement that SMUHSD pay for the use of the Washington Park Baseball Field for baseball practices and games, thus now allowing our Athletic Boosters the option to support and fund a freshman baseball team without incurring an additional cost of approx. $4500 in rental fees.  Other considerations (such as student interest and the availability of games) will be taken into account prior to the formation of any freshman athletic team.

Today: 4/30/16



The Senior Letter will be mailed out this week.  In the meantime, please feel free to read the letter in it's entirety - it is included here in English and Spanish for your immediate reference.


Questions?  Please contact Assistant Principal Valerie Arbizu.


Thank you!


The CAASPP test will be administered to all 11th grade students at BHS over the next three weeks, and the Life Science Test will be administered to all 10th grade students on April 27th.  As a result, there are a number of changes to the bell schedule.


Attached to this news item are four documents:


CAASPP Testing & Special Bell Schedules

This is a helpful document for all of our students and parents, as it includes bell schedule information for all of April 2016.  Students will receive their testing room and proctor assignments for the CAASPP test in their English Classes on April 12-13.


EAP Program Description

The CAASPP Test also includes the Early Assessment Program (EAP) for the California Community Colleges and California State University system.  Put simply, if a student does well on the CAASPP and meets particular score requirements, they may be considered "college ready" and bi-pass the need for placement tests at the CCC and CSU level.  Read all about the EAP Program on this document.


EAP Program Score Information

The EAP Program has put together a simple two-sheet document that assists students and parents in better understanding the score reports for the EAP and CAASPP tests.  This document was created by the CSU system.



Parents wishing to excuse their students from the CAASPP or Life Science tests this year must complete an Opt Out form.  This is required annually.  Considering that we are near the testing period, please bring any completed and signed Opt Out forms to A134 by Wednesday, April 13, to be removed from testing this year.


Questions?  Please contact Valerie Arbizu via email at varbizu@smuhsd.org or by phone at 650-558-2802.


Thank you,


Valerie Arbizu


All Seniors…Grad Night is Approaching!


When:          Thursday, May 26: 7:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Where:        Check in at the Gym

Attire:        Casual clothes, high heals not recommended, no bags


Please download the attached document for additional details and payment information.